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Elizabeth, CitySweat Member

CitySweat hits the sweet spot for the perfect workout: challenging, upbeat and fun! Meghan's focus on form and technique along with a combo of cardio, abs and total body conditioning left everyone in the room sweating!  Highly recommend CitySweat! 

Ellen, Director of Experiential and Partnerships, Wellth Collective

Meghan was an integral partner in our International Women's Day event with Carbon38.  Meghan was a featured panelist on our International Women's Day panel where she gave thoughtful, inspirational and authentic insight into her experience creating the City Sweat method and the ever evolving landscape of the NYC fitness industry.  Our guests loved the workout, Meghan radiates positive upbeat energy and it is absolutely contagious- we were able to watch it cover the entire room.

Evan, CitySweat Member

CitySweat is officially my new favorite class! Meghan creates an inclusive environment which caters to all fitness levels. She demonstrates every move and cues the class for an easy follow along  journey, while providing both group and individual corrections. I highly recommend CitySweat for anyone who wants a high energy, "get my butt kicked" workout party!

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