What's In My Makeup Bag (Budget Friendly!)

I am super simple when it comes to makeup, especially in the summer! I am always sweating and touching up before and after my classes, and these items keep me looking fresh all day!

* Notes:

1. The Elf Camp concealer is AMAZING. And its $6. And it's better than taste shape tape. Just saying.

2. ColourPop is EVERYTHING. The matte lipstick in insane. It literally does not come off (great when out and about, awful at night after a couple of drinks trying to scrape it off!) I used to wear a different shade of mauve/red/purple/brown lipstick every day in college (I should get back on that!) I got the Tarte palette as a gift and I love it, but if it's not in your budget I would go for the ColourPop eyeshadows.

3. I get most of my makeup and brushes at the drugstore or on Amazon. If I absolutely love a certain product, I will splurge (see splurges below). Besides from the Tarte palette, altogether these items are under $80!

4. Splurges: Champagne Pop by Becca is stellar. But unfortunately I cracked it so I use the Tarte eyeshadow as highlighter. Also MAC Gold Deposit is literally gold. What can I say, I love to glisten :)

Click either pic to shop all items, and comment you favorites below! xx


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