Here are the exact steps I took to start CitySweat.

1. Create a business plan✍🏻⁠

What is your mission? What is your WHY? How will you serve others? How will you monetize this? Brain dump all of these thoughts and then scale down to create your business plan.⁠

2. Make a logo 🎨⁠

Others will tell you to wait for this step, but I made my logo before anything else so it seemed official, and made me excited to work towards the next step. ⁠

3. Legal Protection & Insurance 💵⁠

I created an LLC and purchased insurance for CitySweat in order to provide me with legal protection, tax info and benefits. Research this to find out what is best for you. I am happy to answer any questions about this! ⁠

4. Create a website⚙️⁠

Choose your platform, I use Wix! Gather whatever pics, videos and content you have of you living out the mission of this business. Ask friends to write reviews for you. You will collect more of this along the way, but don't be to knit-picky or else you'll never start! ⁠

5. Prepare to Launch🎉⁠

Get excited about it! Use Canva to create free marketing flyers. Tell your friends to spread the word. Get on every social media platform. You should be stoked to share your amazing new biz with the world!⁠

6. Be patient, be YOU, take action👑⁠

Maybe thousands of people will flock to your new biz on your launch day! Maybe you'll only start with one or two customers. It doesn't matter, as long as you believe in your business. Treat yourself as CEO of a million dollar business with millions of customers. Take time with each client, and plan to create your best quality work. ⁠

PSA: You don't have to have thousands of followers to start a business. You don't have to have a lot of money saved up. You have to have confidence in yourself, passion in the project, patience, and a sincere desire to serve others.✨⁠

There are so many little details in here that I could pick through! I am happy to answer any other questions you have in the comments! Share this with a friend, and keep glistening!

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