The Five SkyScrapers of CitySweat

Who needs pillars of success when we got Skyscrapers!

Let's break it down - here what CitySweat is all about.

DANCE: There is no greater feeling than the freedom, the confidence, the rhythm and the pure joy that I feel through dance. I have been a dancer my entire life- it is the foundation of my identity. CitySweat reminds us of the young dancer that felt that joy in dance class as a child, who danced alone in her room, who dreamed of being a backup dancer, who has no rhythm but just loves to move. Dance brings out your identity, and it does not judge on level, age or ability. In CitySweat, I teach mini combinations to the beat of the music, fun moves that challenge you mentally and aim to sculpt and tone every muscle in your body. We finish every CitySweat class with a celebration, appreciating our bodies and partying under our spotlights together. CitySweat reminds you of what you love doing.

BALANCE: is what we all strive for, right? Balance in food, in our work, social life, our body image. When we are balanced, we become less stressed, less fearful, more healthy, and we feel more freedom and fun in our lives. No one is perfect, but the beauty of balance is that you can both treat yourself AND challenge yourself without feeling guilty or burnt-out. CitySweat class always brings me back to this balanced state. In college I had a false idea of what balance was. I stayed away from carbs, went to the gym every day on top of dance class, and drank a lot of sugar without realizing it (thank you boxed wine!!!) We can gain a false sense of balance through what we see and compare ourselves to on social media. This community is about loving yourself and working through these learning lessons towards YOUR version of balance. CitySweat will provide you with with tips to live a healthy, fun, sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

GLISTEN: I know you've felt it, the inner glow and the outer glow. When you feel amazing, clean and happy, heart beating strong on the inside, and on the outside, when the sweat drips down your cheek and you smile as you complete your CitySweat sesh. You glisten when you know you've worked hard, when you feel confident in yourself & motivated to do more, and when you celebrate what you have accomplished (aka our little CitySweat celebration dance)!

WE BALL ON A BUDGET: CitySweat is not just for one borough, it's for all five. CitySweat is for the gal & guy on a budget, who likes to eat healthy but can't buy all organic foods, who can't get the $200 workout outfit, who doesn't have the perfect body, who isn't already a model or a celeb (but will get there)! This CitySweater is already a star standing in their own spotlight, and constantly upgrading for them and no one else.

CREATE YOUR IDENTITY HERE: Ever walk aimlessly around the gym, unmotivated to do anything, but looking to find your confidence somewhere hidden in a machine or dumbbell? I have. It's easier not to work hard. It's easier to hide in the shadows. It's easier to look like someone else. To have someone tell you what to do today.

It's harder to be yourself. It's harder to create your own life. It's harder to fight for what you believe in. It's harder to be confident in yourself when social media gives you false information. It's harder to walk out the door and not care what people think. In this community, through good days. medium days and bad days, we fight for US because we believe in ourselves, and we want encourage others to do the same because it feel so darn good!!

CitySweat is more than a workout. It’s a celebration. It’s a community of superstars, each customized with their own path to the best version of themselves.

xx Meghan