Shift Your Mindset from Restrict to Allow

Restricting our mind blocks us from fully experiencing life and in turn missing out on opportunities that might come our way. Restricting can lead to toxic relationships with food, social life, work and fitness. Shift your mindset right now - allow yourself the freedom to you need to make healthy choices. This freedom feels amazing.


I allow myself to eat good food so that I feel better, my health is in a better state, and I am creating long lasting change in my body.

Social Life

I allow myself to socialize and get drinks with friends on the weekend, it is healthy to have fun and two days of splurging on food and drinks will not affect my health.


I allow myself to be scared and do it anyway

I allow myself to feel challenged daily, so I can get satisfaction from little wins

I allow myself to grow through commitment and hard work


I allow my body to move daily because it will make me feel happy, refreshed and help me live a long and healthy life.

Repeat these affirmations to yourself daily. Share these affirmations with friends and family. We all deserve to free our minds of restriction and start rebuilding in a positive way.


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