Promo Codes from My Favorite Brands

Updated: Mar 18

Invest in yourself and in your health in the New Year with these promotional codes from some of my favorite brands! These brands not only support a healthy lifestyle, but they and celebrate individuality and creating the best version of yourself, as CitySweat does. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

wearing Outdoor Voices "Exercise Dress"

CARBON38: fashionable activewear, bala bangles, workout masks, sneakers

use code MEGHANMCF for 15% off site wide

OXB: Sweat-proof jewelry

use code TEAMMEGHAN for 20% off site wide

OUTDOOR VOICES: active lifestyle brand, use code DOER-MEGHAN for 20% off your first purchase of $100+

LASSO: the socks I always wear for CitySweat. Cute, high quality & breathable! Use code MEGHAN15 for

15 % off site wide

NUZEST: my go-to clean, lean protein powder, use code CITYSWEAT for 15% off site wide

ORGANIFI : Plant-based superfood mixes, use code CITYSWEAT for 15% off site wide

LUMINEUX: non-toxic oral care & teeth whitener, use code MEGHANMCFERRAN15 for 15% off site wide

SOCIAL CBD: skincare / CBD products

use code CitySweat for 20% Off sitewide

MIO SKINCARE: plant-based skincare products

use code MEGHANM20 for 20% Off sitewide

P.S. check out my Amazon Storefront, where you can shop all of my favorite CitySweat equipment, workout sets, home decor, and health and wellness favorites! xx


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