How to Gain and Maintain Body Confidence

I have never been called "skinny" or "thin." my body type is just not that and never will be, and that is completely okay with me. In the age of social media, we are constantly comparing ourselves to 6 ft. 130 lb. models, and that's just not real life! You were born into your unique body. Your body actually functions best at a certain homeostasis and a certain weight range that is healthy for YOU. Find that happy place, take these tips with you, and you will glisten with confidence in your own skin.

1. Move your body once a day. Whether it be a walk, a 40 minute CitySweat video, or a light stretch, moving your body every day will get your blood pumping, your energy levels up and make you feel a lot better! 

2. Be grateful that you can move your body every day. A lot of people can’t. Many are sick or may not have legs that are able to move. It’s hard and sad to think about, but in these times it is so important to reflect and be grateful that you have the ability to run, skip, jump and CitySweat your way through the day. Don’t take it for granted.

3. Change your mind about being perfect. You are perfect because no one is made like you! You can’t compare your body type, diet, cravings or healthy habits to anyone else because you are one of a kind. As long as you make healthy choices most of the time, you are perfect just the way you are!

4. Strive for balance. If you need to take a day off to rest and eat pizza, do it! If one day you feel like you can push yourself and squeeze in two CitySweat classes and a green juice, do it up! Your body knows what you need so listen up! 

5. Be proud of small wins. This quarantine has taken a lot of mental, physical and emotional energy from us. Do your best and take things one day at a time. Know that things will get better, but right now- be happy with where you are while working for what you want.

I see that glisten you got going on now! Go show it off to the world! Do you, be you, always.

xx Meghan


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