A Holistic Approach to Ab Workouts

Yes - it is amazing to see your body get stronger after working so hard. You deserve that satisfaction - but you also deserve happiness on the inside no matter how your abs look on the outside.

The goal for this month's 31- Day Ab Challenge is to help us gain strength from our center. I want you to start to think about your center as the root of your strength. Start to engage your core throughout your entire day. Approach this challenge as strong center, strong mind. This is going to help you form a positive habit and create a strong core (mental and physical) for life.


1. Sitting at your desk: Sit up straight, engage your core while typing at your computer. Set a reminder on your phone in case you start slumping!

2. Restorative abs - stretch your abs after CitySweat workouts. Downward dog, child's pose and cobra stretch are all great to stretch and recover your ab muscles after they have trained so hard!

3. CORE = stability = balanced = grounded = ready to conquer the world

4. Your limbs are en extension of your core. Every other targeted workout - arms, legs, cheeks, comes from your core. We cannot perform these exercises correctly if we are not using our core correctly.

5. Walking- stand up tall, shoulders back. Breathe but also tighten your center like you are knitting your ribcage together. It might feel strange at first, but practice makes perfect!

Take these tips with you as you continue through the challenge and onward, and remember - the number of "packs" you have does not define you as a person, how strong you are, how fit you are, how hard you have worked in this challenge.

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