5 Ways to Upgrade Your Body Confidence Right Now

1. Be Your Own Cheerleader.

Pump yourself up! Tell yourself you look amazing! Keep working hard every day for yourself because you deserve it! Get out of your own way and start celebrating yourself!

2. Don't Look at Numbers

Numbers are not correlated with self worth. A number does not define you. Read that again.

3. Wear Your Favorite Clothes

Look good, feel good. Get rid of clothes that don’t represent you and your very best self. All of the clothes in your closet should make you feel happy, cozy, stylish, beautiful, and like the best version of you.

4. Stand Up Straight

Roll your shoulders down your back (pretend like you are taking your jacket off). Chest forward, core tight, chin lifted, spine straight. Okay- now breathe. You got this!

5. Change Your Mind About It

Stop wishing you looked like someone else and start believing that you ARE the person that you want to be, dream to be and strive to be. As soon as you start showing up as that person - that best version of yourself - it will all come true.

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