5 Tips to Live Your Best Life Right Now

On Sunday's I am all about getting my mind, body and spirit organized and prepared for the week. This can be overwhelming at times, especially when thinking about my long list of to-dos, long term and short term goals, grocery list, cleaning list, people to call list and also trying to relax on a Sunday - I am stressed just thinking about all of this! Erase all of the lists, anxiety and to-dos from your mind right now. Start here.

1. Buy a fresh notebook to write everything important in (your lists, daily routines, affirmations, eating journal, etc.)

2. Purge your closet and keep only the clothes that make you feel amazing.⁠ Look good, feel good!

3. Clear the clutter in your brain (highly recommend listening to Jay Shetty's OnPurpose Podcast Episode #148)⁠

4. Reach out to that person you have been wanting to talk to.⁠ If you're like me, I have a whole list of old friends I need to catch up with, but if I plan out one call per week it is more manageable.

5. Enjoy being you. ⁠No one else is you and that's pretty awesome. You bring something special to the table, something that no one has. So go be everything you want to be. I fully support it!

Okay - now, go buy that notebook! Have fun living your best life this week and forever more!


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