5 Tips to Consistency and Success

We are into our second week of the November Consistency Challenge - woohoo!! Fell off track last week? Struggling with staying consistent? I got you. Use these daily tips to insert into your routine! Consistency = success.

1. Set alarms for EVERYTHING.

I know it sounds crazy, but it works. Set an alarm for waking up, working out, all three meals, snack time, time for emails, time to relax, time to mindlessly scroll, time to unwind for the night. This will help you stay on track, especially when working from home when there is endless possibilities to move from kitchen to Netflix to computer 30 times per day!

2. Don't give yourself time to think about it.

If you tell your self you are going to wake up at 6AM to workout, when that alarm rings at 6AM, get up and put your feet on the floor. DO NOT give yourself that two seconds of doubt to get cozy and fall back to sleep. While that is easier, that is not what is going to help us be successful and grow. If you tell yourself you are going to do something, don't give yourself time for doubt. GO GO GO!

3. If you can, workout in the morning.

Some people can't do this with their work schedule, but I find that getting your blood pumping for the day will help you feel productive and stay consistent with everything else throughout the day. I started doing this and it has dramatically changed how I feel during the day, my energy, the food I eat, etc.

4. Write your to-do list every day.

Preferably the night before. Write it on a piece of paper!! Not electronically. Crossing things out makes everyone feel good :)

5. Keep a consistent bedtime and night routine.

3 things I am going to do before bed are...(go write this down).

You are now on your way to staying consistent in anything you want! These tools with help train your brain. Some people say it takes 21 days to break a habit, but I believe that if you can do it for one week, you will get hooked and feel so good you will want to do it for one more week. So commit to staying consistent at something for one week at a time and see how you feel. The CitySweat weekly challenges in November are the perfect way to start!

Send this to a friend, let's make this week great! Consistency is key to productivity, to success to less stress and more time for fun.

xx Meghan

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