March Madness

31-Day Challenge

One year anniversary of virtual CitySweat workouts.


Here is what's waiting for you:

  • Bringing back old workout favorites

  • Celebrating community and working on refreshing the mindset

  • Live classes on Zoom 3x per week

  • Accountability calendar

  • The best playlist tunes

  • Facebook group that is here to support you

  • Exploration of brand new CitySweat platform

It's a celebration of your dedication and transformation –

and it takes only 31 days to become the best version of yourself.

The Calendar


Week 1 Schedule

Week 2 Schedule


How to access Live +

On-Demand Classes 

Equipment you might need

If you've worked out with me before, you know that I'm a fan of light weights that are perfect for toning and sculpting, kind to the joints, and are totally injury-free.

Here is what we need for a challenge – you can swap it out or practice weight-free if that feels comfortable:

- 1-3 lb dumbells 

- yoga matt

- resistance band

- sliders 

- wrist weights (I use 1 lb)

- ankle weights (I use 2 lb)

My favorite brand right now is bala – from pink dumbells to ankle and wrist weights, they have a perfect set for any workout. I also have a CitySweat Amazon Store where you can easily purchase all of the equipment!

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CitySweat Facebook Group

March Madness Playlist

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Photography by Justin Patterson, film by Alan Tan