Glisten 6-Week Program

Working hard for YOU, because it feels so good!

Who is this program for?

Anyone who wants to work hard for themselves and have fun doing it. Working hard gives you a purpose, a goal, a sense of self-love and self-confidence. I've seen people using the gym and workout classes as a punishment to their body. Movement should be celebrated, and you should always move how YOU want to move. This program is exactly how I want to move and I know you will feel just as amazing after each class! 


About the program

This program isn’t about having a perfect body. It’s about committing to becoming the best version of yourself in less than one hour a day. I want you to get excited about completing the variety of classes on the calendar, challenging yourself, and leave the class feeling confident, motivated and inspired.

Why 6 weeks?

This time gives us momentum to establish new routines, create new friendships in the community, and provide us with confidence that we can now commit to whatever venture is next. Whether you continue as a CitySweater for life or get ready to train for something new.


I know you will be ready to spread your glistening bright light with everyone!

Program Plan

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Progam Guides

From London to NYC, these powerful women will inspire + guide you on this transformative journey


Randi Cerini


NYC-based private and group yoga and meditation teacher, and co-founder of Om Tribe Yoga Retreats. Her background in dance influences her classes: they are fun, upbeat, and a healthy combo of core work, focus on alignment and flowing movements.


Alexis Moore


A former rhythmic gymnast with 8 years of experience in the sport, Alexis's mission is to increase awareness about the power of stretching to revitalize you both mentally and physically. She teaches fun, motivating classes that prove how challenging and satisfying a deep stretch can be!


Lauren Mulne

Sound Healing

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Lauren combines holistic health coaching with sound meditation and mindfulness.  Lauren is the founder of the Life With Motion, a wellness community that provides quick and easy tips to manage stress.


Hannah Jewel


From the first National Tour of Disney’s FROZEN! Hannah Kohn is certified in meditation through the School of Positive Transformation. Her mission is to expand your consciousness, leaving you feeling tranquil, grounded and open.


Rachel McClusky

Stretch & Sculpt 

Originally from Chicago, is an LA-based fitness instructor and founder of Recharge Wellness Co. on a mission to connect the mind and body while moving and creating a release. Her passion is within music and movement and you are guaranteed to feel stronger, both mentally and physically after her class.

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Talilla Henchoz

Tabata HIIT

A personal trainer, online coach and Founder of Club V. Helping women and men all over the world to become the healthiest, happiest and strongest versions of themselves. Specializing in HIIT and strength training, Talilla celebrates the incredible things that our bodies can do rather than how they look.