Meghan McFerran

Dancer & Journalist

Every morning since I was two, I would bring my portable pink boom-box into the living room and dance. When I was seven, I wrote my first chapter book. Since then, I have been writing and dancing every day.  I create art to share pieces of my soul with the world and to educate and inspire others about the thrilling and invigorating journey of dance. In my work, I utilize my musical background as a violinist and blend my training in Horton, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, gymnastics and umfundalai to create my original style. My movement and writing style reflects my energetic, adventurous and passionate personality. I write to challenge myself to communicate the nuances that cannot be communicated in dance. My most recent work, inspired by artists such as Robert Battle, Emma Portner and Dara Meredith, investigates creating movement to slam poetry and capturing “snapshot” images. 

Let’s dance!